The Office of the General Counsel (“OGC”) assists University staff and contracting departments in expediting the review and approval of their important University contracts. This site contains information regarding the legal requirements for University contracts, explains the required review by the initiating department as to business terms, clarifies the University contract signature authority delegation by the President and outlines the final legal review and approval process for contracts.

Contract negotiation and preparation are handled primarily by contract professionals in the University’s Procurement Department, Capital Projects and Contracts Administration (CPCA), Sponsored Program Services and the Office of the General Counsel. However, if you must prepare a contract for your department and have any questions regarding preparation of contracts, please contact

Only University administrators who have been duly authorized to execute contracts by the Board of Trustees and President can sign on behalf of the University. In many cases, the Office of the Attorney General approves certain contracts as to form. The source of the Attorney General's authority to review and approve contracts is found in Section 3-125 of the General Statutes, which provides, in pertinent part, that the Attorney General shall have "general supervision over all legal matters in which the State is an interested party,…" (In addition, Section 4b-26 charges the Attorney General with responsibility for “determining the legal sufficiency of all [realty] contracts and leases, both as to substance and to form.”)

All University contracts are subject to state law, Attorney General and/or University requirements, policies and procedures. As a constituent unit of the State of Connecticut’s system of public higher education, the University of Connecticut must abide by all applicable State and federal laws and regulations for its contracts. Therefore, individuals and entities wishing to do business with the University must accept all legally-required contract terms and agree to execute all state-mandated contract affidavits.


The OGC and the on-site Assistant Attorney General welcome any opportunity to provide contract training to individuals or departments. To request contract training individually, or for your group training, please send an email to

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