Frequently Asked Questions

A “contract” is any agreement, whether written or oral, which is intended to create a University obligation. It is not the name or description given to a document or the specified amount that dictates the University’s requirement for contract review, but instead it is the intention of the document, i.e. to create an obligation for the University. The document may be called an agreement, contract, lease, license, memorandum of understanding, scope of work, deal memo, or term sheet.

The value of a contract is the total maximum amount spent or received over the complete term of the contract. This amount is one factor in determining whether final approval as to form is required by the Office of the Attorney General. The maximum value of your contract also determines what Connecticut Ethics forms are required to be signed by both the University and contractor, so it is very important to include a maximum value in your contract.

First contact the contract liaison or contracting department you worked with to complete the contract. If you know it has been submitted to the OGC, email the OGC contract liaison at

Only the individuals designated by University Policies (as authorized through Connecticut statutes and the UConn Board of Trustees) are allowed to sign contracts on behalf of the University. It does not matter whether the contract is for the expenditure or receipt of funds, or if the contract does not involve money changing hands. If the document involved will result in the University being legally obligated to do or not do something, it must be signed by an authorized University administrator delegated with contract signing authority by the President.

Even no-cost/no-charge contracts are legally binding agreements. Only designated individuals are allowed to make legal commitments on behalf of the University.

Pursuant to the Connecticut Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. Sections 1-266 to 1-286, inclusive, if a document requires a signature, an electronic signature is acceptable and is as enforceable as an original, hand-written signature.

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As a constituent unit within the State of Connecticut’s system of public higher education, the University must have its contractors execute certain forms mandated by the State of Connecticut. Links and instructions can be found on our “Contract Forms & Documents” webpage.